Feb 17, 2007

mtg #4... 15-jul-2006 (wes's place chanhassen)

present (9):

- bowing to the boglehead that diane got off ebay ;-)
- bbq pork shoulder that wes prepared, w/ all the fixin’s... a definite highlite
- informal discussions of AA, changes, bonds / TIPs, int’l small caps, authors / books, do-it-yourself investing vs. letting ‘professionals’ burn thru your money (no bias here, tho), individual stock investing, etc etc

next meeting:
in 3-4 months, location to be determined, same (informal) agenda. any and all ideas for locations, dates, formats on the next meeting are more than welcome!

misc thoughts
thanks again, wes, for the excellent set up and meal. for me personally, this was the ‘best’ mn diehard meeting yet... great food, not too loud for discussions, good turnout, we’re getting to know and remember each other’s asset allocations and investing philosophies better, and got us out of the 100 degree heat and into a very nice AC set of rooms. i scanned in page 213 of the boglehead book. john advised starting w/ this page. and THEN reading the rest of the book. attached find some pix of the event and p213.

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