Nov 14, 2009

14nov2009 meeting minutes & future meeting schedule through 2011

if interested in learning more about the bogleheads, or to added to the MN boglehead mailing list, shoot me an email,

below are meeting minutes from the 14nov2009 meeting:

hey, folks:

it's cliched to say this again, but i think we had a really great mix of new bogleheads and old vets, w/ lots of good discussions. and special thanks to tom r. for his great presentation on his chapter of the new boglehead book (link to amazon -> )

for those not in attendance: 32 of us met and planned out the next 2 years of meetings, tom reviewed his chapter, and we had 2 breakout sessions. (and... i had to drive to radio shack (twice!) to get the correct cables for the overhead projector but that only delayed the start by a minute...)

here are the powerpoint slides, the agenda, and one picture of the meeting, all in one PDF file:

main website:

MN boglehead website: (updated very INfrequently)

jolinda and others were discussing the 'easy allocator' website, from yobria. i said i'd attach the link. unfortunately, it's not online these days. i don't know why.

meeting schedule:

6-feb-2010 12:00, bloomington

1-may-2010 10:00, woodbury
7-aug-2010 12:00, bloomington
6-nov-2010 12:00, woodbury

5-feb-2011 time, location tbd
7-may-2011 "
6-aug-2011 "
5-nov-2011 "

breakout session topics, keynote speakers, and content are the lifeblood of our group. please let me know what speakers and/or topics you would want to hear about in future meetings. some ideas to get you thinking: i think jason g. (CFA and west side co-moderator) could talk about something interesting. some CPA could come to discuss tax planning, i could do a chapter review of the boglehead book. some boglehead-type who really understands annuities and life insurance could de-mystify those. or we could do a panel discussion on "creating your personal asset allocation" w/ Q&A as an entire group.

if interested in meeting w/ either the east side or west side groups inbetween these main meetings, contact phil or jason, respectively. their emails are in the CC above. it sounds like both of those groups are doing great, and have a good core group of folks who have been getting together in more informal settings more often than main group meets. look them up!

jeff mc

Oct 4, 2009

new boglehead book in stores now & next MN boglehead meeting is nov-14

the community-written book, "bogleheads' guide to retirement planning" is now in stores and available at amazon: here is link to the book

kara mcquire, a great friend of the bogleheads, did a quick Q&A on it in sunday's paper (10/4/09)... here is link to that: here is link to boglehead book in star tribune

the book had two chapters written by MN bogleheads... early retirement and retirement planning.

the book is available to read at google books, too (not every page, but a pretty good sampling). link to google books

the next meeting of the MN chapter of bogleheads is november 13, 2009.

email me for details... we're back in woodbury for this one.


Jul 12, 2009

boglehead meeting minutes - july 11, 2009

attendees: 20... 19 bogleheads + an external speaker.

an expert attorney on estate planning, wills, trusts, etc presented during first part of meeting.

then, last quarter of meeting was the traditional peer-to-peer discussion / breakout sessions.

we're doing a survey to see what MN folks want to do for future boglehead meetings. contact me for a link to the survey if interested in completing it.

next meeting is 14-november, in woodbury unless the survey results indicate other time/format/location is preferred.


a special thanks to our featured speaker today, joe henderson. he talked about estate planning, wills, trusts, etc. very informative. i think our first external speaker we've ever had was a success. whew! his website is

going forward, i would like to continue setting meeting agendas, durations, times, formats, etc. that benefit the maximum # of people possible. to help do that systematically, i created a short (9 question) survey to find out what the perfect boglehead meeting should be.

next meeting: NOTE: based on survey results, these dates may change... stay tuned... but tentatively, they are:

14-november-2009, in woodbury

and for those planners who look way ahead:
13-mar-2010, bloomington
17-jul-2010, woodbury
13-nov-2010, bloomington

also, there are two other boglehead groups that meet: a west side group led by sandra and an east side group led by phil. if you're interested in these 'in between' meetings, please contact them directly (see the CC email addresses above).

pictures from today:

if interested, you can pre-order the next boglehead book at amazon ($16.47), bogleheads guide to retirement planning:

have a great rest of the summer, everyone. i think the survey can really assist making future meetings better. i'm looking forward to seeing the results.


Jul 8, 2009

next meeting: july-11

our next meeting is july-11, 12:00, in bloomington

we're doing something a little unique at this meeting. we've having a guest speaker for the first half. he's an attorney who specializes in estate planning. his talk may discuss various issues around estate planning, such as: wills, living trusts, health care directives (living wills) and assigned powers of attorney. there will be a question and answer session after his 'formal' presentation.

then, we will have our usual 1-2 breakout sessions.

to get an idea on the room layout, and how many handouts to print, and for the wait staffing, having an accurate count of bogleheads really helps our planning. please let me know if you are a "yes / no / maybe", either here or via a direct email to thanks!

Mar 8, 2009

boglehead MN meeting minutes - 7-mar-2009

we had another good meeting saturday. 18 bogleheads. lots of topics...

future meeting dates:
- 11-july-2009, bloomington
- 14-november-2009, woodbury
- 13-mar-2010, bloomington
- 17-jul-2010, woodbury
- 13-nov-2010, bloomington

email me at MNbogleheads (at) gmail (dot) com if interested in joining the MN bogleheads emailing group or learning more about our group.

jeff mc