Apr 2, 2007

mtg supplemental - reading lists / sites from minnesota vanguard diehards

hey, folks:

i respond back to every email i get. if i don't, that means comcast's spam filter caught it. i've now disabled that spam-filter. sorry for any 'earlier unintentional ignoring' of you!

great turnout at the mar-31 mtg. 20 folks. and a special guest, kara mcquire, a star tribune money/investing reporter/columnist. i especially enjoy doing the asset allocation reviews. thanks, jim and carol, for bringing copies of your asset allocation (%s) to share, get some peer reviews / ideas, and help us all figure out how to improve our own AAs.

i also put a quick note on the diehard forum about the mtg http://www.diehards.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=363 .

next meeting july-august timeframe... ideas of location, dates, format, etc. are welcomed.

joe sent me the below list to pass on to all of good finance blogs and also how to set up RSS... thanks, joe!

sandra sent me an article (which i attached) about bonds that the a breakout group was discussing. thanks, sandra!

as i said during the mtg, if i were more organized, i would have captured the books, websites, and magazines that everyone reads. as it was, i just jotted down a few... there's always next time, i guess

MN reading list:
magazines: the economist, smart money, money, kiplingers, kiplingers retirement newsletter, dan weiner's newsletter

books: http://www.diehards.org/readbooks.htm stocks for the long run, 4 pillars..., henry blodget's book, the wall street self-defense manual.

sites: http://www.diehards.org/readsites.htm http://pfblog.org/ http://www.bloomberg.com/ http://money.cnn.com/ http://finance.yahoo.com/ of course vanguard.com, diehards.org, morningstar

until next time... 'see' you on the forum.

and good luck (stolen shamelessly from garage logic)

chuck D

Here is some information to pass on to the MN Diehards group.

To setup RSS (Really Simple Syndication) for Google go to this website, create an account and start searching and adding these desired RSS URLs: http://www.google.com/reader/

The only financial podcasts I RSS are from NPR's Marketplace and Marketplace Money

Yahoo, Bloglines and others have RSS feed collection websites also.A sight with Personal Finance blogs is http://pfblog.org/Personal Finance Blogs I've found worth RSSing:

http://www.startribune.com/blogs/kablog/ Karen McGuire from StarTribune
http://mndiehards.blogspot.com/ MN Diehards
http://www.freemoneyfinance.com/Scott Burns
http://johncbogle.com/wordpress/John Bogle
http://www.vanguard.com/VGApp/hnw/content/Home/Digital/RSSLandingContent.jspVanguard RSS