Feb 17, 2007

mtg #3... 25-mar-2006 (billy's, grand ave)

MN (midwest) diehards:

great seeing everyone again, and great meeting some new DHers, too! we met for about 2.5 hours at billy’s on grand today.

11 attendees (left to right):

steve s went to fidelity as part of his trip north... the fidelity guy told him to ‘save and invest less money’! that fidelity guy must not work w/ many diehards...

also, steve s showed some software he uses to manage his portfolio: the bailey fund manager... http://www.beiley.com/fundman/index.html free for first 30 or 90 days, then $60, i think he said...

i won’t rehash the entire meeting, but we had lunch, then moved into a quieter room, broke into two tables, and discussed everyone’s portfolios that wished to share theirs, along w/ other investing issues / questions. lots of talk about i-bonds and general bonds, as well as tax deferred investing, rebalancing, etc. very good info and topics, i thought.

for mark and other ‘new’ diehards, here’s link to diehard forum

and the DH page that lots of folks use to view the morningstar page:

diehard chapters

wes volunteered to host the next midwest diehard meeting at his business in chanhassen (thanks, wes!). in about 3 months, give or take... june-july-ish. stay tuned for future emails as we get closer to summer.

if anyone has additional ideas for future topics, formats, ways to organize the meetings, i’m all ears. i’m pretty informal (too informal?) during these, and just like the discussions to flow naturally and go where they may...

best regards,
chuck D <<< and the mystery of my moniker was solved, too. i signed up w/ morningstar back in ’99, almost as a fluke. i used as my username an old school rapper, chuck D of public enemy, thinking it would be a one-time use / visit to the site... well, 7 years later, i’m still visiting the diehard forum.. as chuck D... whoda thunk it? too late to change now! (and as always, if you want to be removed from this email list or change your email to another account, just reply back to this, and i’ll make the change)

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