Oct 4, 2009

new boglehead book in stores now & next MN boglehead meeting is nov-14

the community-written book, "bogleheads' guide to retirement planning" is now in stores and available at amazon: here is link to the book

kara mcquire, a great friend of the bogleheads, did a quick Q&A on it in sunday's paper (10/4/09)... here is link to that: here is link to boglehead book in star tribune

the book had two chapters written by MN bogleheads... early retirement and retirement planning.

the book is available to read at google books, too (not every page, but a pretty good sampling). link to google books

the next meeting of the MN chapter of bogleheads is november 13, 2009.

email me for details... we're back in woodbury for this one.



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