Jul 8, 2009

next meeting: july-11

our next meeting is july-11, 12:00, in bloomington

we're doing something a little unique at this meeting. we've having a guest speaker for the first half. he's an attorney who specializes in estate planning. his talk may discuss various issues around estate planning, such as: wills, living trusts, health care directives (living wills) and assigned powers of attorney. there will be a question and answer session after his 'formal' presentation.

then, we will have our usual 1-2 breakout sessions.

to get an idea on the room layout, and how many handouts to print, and for the wait staffing, having an accurate count of bogleheads really helps our planning. please let me know if you are a "yes / no / maybe", either here or via a direct email to mnbogleheads@gmail.com. thanks!

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