Nov 10, 2007

10-nov-07 mtg minutes

13 attendees: paul, ken, anna, steve a, sue, jim, kara, chuck, deb, carol, arleigh, steve s, myself

davanni's in st. paul, 12:00 to 2:40

a great meeting of the diehards this time around. steve from 180 miles out made it, as did arleigh (5 hours away!). only downside is that our jack the boglehead was kidnapped! will we ever see him again?!? stay tuned...

1) "formal" intro your name, why are you here, and what the bogleheads mean to you

2) breakout 2A) ETFs. who is using them? why? happy with the decision?
2B) OR rebalancing: to do or not to do. how and when?

3) full group want do you want to learn and/or change in next 12 months?

4) breakout 4A) asset allocation reviews (%s only)
4B) OR intl as % of AA. intl bonds? (ongoing fall of US$)

5) full group economy in 2008. predictions on US & intl equity & bond returns

6) full group wrapup, next meeting timing / location / format

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