Oct 18, 2007

MN - minnesota mtg - november in bloomington?

hey, folks... i posted this on the new diehard forum earlier... so, please let me know which date you prefer. either reply here or on the forum about either nov-10 or nov-17. thanks.

hope to see everyone soon!



Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2007 8:14 pm Post subject: MN - minnesota mtg - november in bloomington?

it feels about that time again... how about either sat. nov-10 or sat. nov-17, at 12:00? and how about back to major's sports cafe in bloomington? they have a nice (free!) private banquet room for discussions, w/ full menu options and no minimums, and is somewhat centrally located in southern metro. (i can hear carol already... when will we meet in north metro?!?)

for anyone new to this forum or to MN (or WI or IA) but interested, feel free to join us. our last meeting had a great mix of old and new diehards.

agenda (very drafty):
1) entire group: introductions. order and eat lunch.
2) small groups: topics TBD
3) entire group: investing plans and changes for 2008
4) small groups: topics TBD
5) entire group: open discussion / next meeting logistics

we usually wrap it up after 2 - 2.5 hours. for questions or to vote your date preference, post your reply here, PM me, email me, or visit our MN blog http://mndiehards.blogspot.com/ any suggestions and/or changes to format, date, time, location, topics, moderator, etc. are more than welcome, of course. i'll post back here when there's a consensus.

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