Mar 8, 2008

mtg minutes - 8-mar-2008 bloomington

wow, what a great meeting. lots of new faces, and a lots of vets, too. see below for agenda:

meeting minutes (...seconds)
attendees: 36
length: 2.5 hrs
topics: see below
format: 3 groups and 2 breakout sessions. thanks to walleye, a2z and sue for moderating each table.
next meeting: july-ish
next location: woodbury-ish

click on each picture to make bigger, then hit "back":

MN diehards/bogleheads meeting
“...dedicated to do-it-yourself, low cost, diversified, stay the course investing”
saturday, 8-mar-2008, 12:00
majors in bloomington

full group - “formal” intro - your name, forum name (if applicable), what you want to get out of today’s meeting

#1 breakout session
A) asset allocation reviews (%s only) bring 10 copies if you want to get peer reviewed
B) changes you’re hoping to make in 2008
C) steve showing his portfolio software

full group - want do you want to learn in next 12 months?

#2 breakout session
A) recent interesting diehard threads or polls
B) leading pres. candidates views and how those views may affect our portfolios/economy
C) financial metrics that you track for your household

full group - economy in 2008. predictions on US & intl equity & bond returns

full group - wrapup, next meeting timing / location / format

other group discussion ideas (for third breakout, or as time allows)
- estate planning: wills, trusts, how set up? cost?
- tax mgmt for retirement accounts (401ks, roth IRAs, SEPs) vs. taxable accounts
- diversifying retirement accounts (roth? 401k? after-tax? 529s?)
- one concrete way diehards/bogleheads/vanguard have helped you out
- favorite / funny stories about investing
- your worst investing mistake
- ETFs. who is using them? why? how to select them?

what diehards believe:
1. keep it simple
2. create a diversified, passive asset allocation and rebalance to it annually
3. stay the course - ignore the noise – do not market time or performance chase
4. costs matter - invest through low cost companies/ETFs
5. buy and hold low expense, low turnover, passive funds/ETFs
6. core holdings should be TSM, TISM, TBM, MM
7. no individual stocks - high uncompensated risk
8. bonds = age - 15 as a starting point
9. defer and/or manage taxes
10. buy term life insurance and invest the rest

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