Jul 19, 2007

confirmed... july-21 mtg

formatting is all wrong... but too lazy to fix... anyone see 200 missing paragraph indicators?!?
i just sent out final email reminder to the mn email list... i copied it below for any interested diehards who aren't on that email list. if anyone wants to be added to the minnesota diehard email list, PM me or drop an email to mndiehards@comcast.net.
hey mn, ia, and wi diehards... final reminder of our get together this sat (7/21), 12:00, at throwbacks in woodbury. we'll be in the back (free) private banquet room. as always, it looks like a great mixture of diehard vets and some new folks, too. we have our first wisconsite... joel p from western wisconsin... welcome to the group, joel! (altho he can't make it this saturday). also new to the group who will be joining us: jason, shane, and russ. welcome! jim and i will co-moderate. if anyone has any other topics they want to discuss, reply back to this or just wait and bring them up sat. we're a very informal group. but below is a strawman. link w/ map to throwbacks (formerly majors, marg. murphys, ol' mexico, purple people eatery, etc): http://tinyurl.com/2kl3qa Throwbacks: 1690 Woodlane Dr, St Paul, MN 55125, (651) 379-9211

=== agenda ========== 1) “formal” intro 1) name and 2) your worst investing mistake. 2) during lunch: Q&A with star tribune reporter, kara mcquire: “How the public invests” & other topics 3) breakout 3A) investment purchases or sales since last meeting & any planned changes & why 3B) OR interesting threads and poll results on diehards.org 4) full group how you found vanguard and/or the diehard forum and/or this group 5) breakout 5B) asset allocation reviews (%s only) 5A) OR rebalancing from high to lower performing asset classes (intl outperformance, FI treading water, etc). the psychological battles waged vs. momentum vs. risk 6) full group % in stocks (115-age in stocks?) rationale for your most important allocation decision. 7) full, wrapup next meeting timing / location / format ========= other group discussion ideas (for third group, or as time allows) - pros / cons of retirement accounts (401ks, roth IRAs, SEPs) vs. taxable accounts - direction of market next 12 months. (election season. tax laws, interest rates, deficit, economy) - want do you want to learn / change in next 12 months - diversifying retirement accounts (roth? 401k? after-tax? 529s?) ====================

see you soon!

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