Jun 8, 2007

next minnesota diehard mtg: july 21

it feels about time again... let’s plan on getting together sat. jul-21, at 12:00. we'll be meeting at throwbacks restaurant in woodbury. they have a nice (free!) private banquet room for discussions, w/ full menu options and no minimums. for anyone new to this forum or MN but interested, feel free to join us. our last meeting had a great mix of old diehards and several new ones, too.

agenda (very draft-y):

1) entire group: introductions (your name & worst investing mistake). order and eat lunch.

2A) small groups: discussion w/ kara mcquire (star tribune business/money columnist), OR

2B) asset allocation reviews (bring ~10 copies of AA - %s only)

3) entire group: mid-year checkup (your personal investing summary for 2007 ytd and any additional changes planned).

4) small groups: ISPs OR when to retire OR recent boglehead/diehard posts/polls that have been interesting

5) entire group: open discussion / other issues people want to discuss. next meeting timing / location

we usually wrap it up after 2 - 2.5 hours. for questions or to vote your preference, post your reply here, PM me, email me, or visit our MN blog (in signature below).

our numbers have been steadily rising over the years, which is great... at our last meeting, we had 21 diehards + 2 special guests (boglehead jack! and kara from the strib). several diehards have brought their significant other or neighbor, etc. the more the merrier! i’m really looking forward to it.




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